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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  September 5, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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but that could change as the investigation intensifies. >> and police are not yet naming that suspect. he was arrested, charged, and released recently on another unrelated charge. live from alexandria, andrea mccarren, 9news now. >> that's an awful story. thank you. derek. >> lesli, despite a heavy police presence, there has been another vicious attack and robbery in a quiet area of capitol hill. bruce johnson reports residents are upset and so far the cops are not saying whether the two incidents are connected. >> she looks out the window because she heard yelling outside. >> this woman who doesn't want her name used, her house guests and others did. >> a gentleman was hollering out loud. what more do you want? she heard the pop. she couldn't say what kind of a noise it was. she couldn't identify the
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noise. >> like somebody was struck? a gun shot? >> yes, that's what she said, yes. >> the attack happened at 2:30 tuesday morning. d.c. police say the victim was robbed of personal belongings, knocked to the ground and further assaulted. they say he suffered minor injuries. >> this is a wonderful neighborhood. >> police say they are looking for two suspects. one of them armed with a handgun. >> this is a 400 block of north carolina. you might recall back in august, four blocks away on north carolina, 29-year-old thomas maslin was robbed, beaten, and left unconscious on his front porch here on capitol hill. >> and he is slowly starting to respond. >> a husband and father was found unconscious and badly beaten on the porch of a home in the 700 block of north carolina. not far from his capitol hill apartment. >> i actually was writing him messages on a white board and he gave me the thumb's up that he understood. >> persons of interest, their
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words, were seen in this video trying to use his credit card at an exxon station of 1200 block. they have not connected the two assaults and robberies. >> i remember the first guy who went to the incident and saw it happened again. we have to do something about this. it will come to a point where someone could get killed. >> you think there's a connection? >> yes. >> we think so. >> bruce johnson, 9news now. >> d.c. police declined our request for an interview. anita. we now have an explanation for a bizarre and dangerous animal encounter in virginia yesterday evening. a beaver, yes, a beaver attacked a woman who was swimming in the lake and it has tested positive for rabies. more on what is next. scott. >> well, here they are taking
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precautions. they closed the lake to swimmers for the time being until they can figure out what they are going to do. what is next is canvassing this area to see if any other petteds or people may have come in contact with this beaver or other beavers besides the 83- year-old woman who was attacked yesterday afternoon. here are photos of the rabid beaver taken by neighbors after it was killed by a pair of fishermen who helped rescue the victim and call for help. it happened here at 6:00 tuesday evening. an 83-year-old woman swimming here was attacked by the beaver, which witnesses said continued biting and clinging to her as she battled to get to shore. >> i think it's very strange. >> residents are shocked. >> i'm surprised they are that aggressive. >> lots of people see beaver. some neighbors have had tender young plants and trees destroyed by them, but an attack is unheard of.
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>> beavers usually don't want to have anything to do with you. when you encounter them, they swim the other way. >> i have now. the identities of the woman -- not been released by officials. the victim was treated at a hospital for nonlife threatening injuries. and the beaver carcass is in the custody of fairfax county animal services officials who confirmed rabies today. >> think twice about letting her play in the lake? >> for the moment here, the owners association has closed the lake to swimming while they figure out what to do. they know they have had one beaver here. as you heard the neighbors say, they see beavers here all the time. the association is seeking professional advice. county animal services officials will be canvassing to see if there has been any other contact with the animal. it was clearly a bizarre
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attack, but now with rabies involved, it was quite serious. reporting live, scott broom, 9news now. >> some smart precautions out there. thank you. another muggy day out there and the humidity brings with it the chance of storms tonight. topper shutt in the weather center with the forecast. >> we have a couple thunderstorms on radar. they are few and far between, but they are hefty. looking at a very tropical air mass with a ton of moisture. we'll start with the radar and lightning and notice down toward warrenton, some good storms. the yellow and red means heavier rain fall and more intense storm. we can see it sliding off to the east. even lightning showing up now just southwest of warrenton. everybody else is right now, zoom in and going to go through warrenton and eventually it will work its way towards manassas and it could clip the nats stadium. it could clip the nats stadium. we're going to keep the chance of a shower in tonight.
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nats number now to 21. 80 last pitch. a slight chance of a shower. we'll come back and talk about hotter weather rolling in and a chance for more storms by the week's end and look ahead to changes in the weekend forecast. >> all right, topper, september is national preparedness month and the campaign encourages all of us, residents, schools, business organizations in the community to make sure we all have an emergency plan in place in case a natural disaster or terrorist threat comes true. now my colleague, derek mcginty, has profiled a guy who really takes this kind of thing seriously, very seriously. >> you know, lesli, you are absolutely right. tim learned from past storm, fredericksburg, virginia, that tragedies and disasters can happen. when they do, well you are planning, that is everything. he is definitely ready for just about anything. >> i would say it doesn't hurt to be prepared. >> tim hopes for the best, but
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he plans for the worst. >> i have a small camping stove that runs on alcohol. >> he turned his home into an emergency storehouse. >> i've got a flashlight and spare battery for it. >> it's fully equipped for the essentials for power outages. >> i have enough water for my family for three days, plus i also have water purification tablets in case i need to purify more drinking water and a pump. >> he also has a battery operated smoke detector and fire extinguisher and foods, enough to last a family of four two weeks. >> having household preparations can give you a sense of comfort. you know that you are provided for, for a short period of time. >> he is my hero. >> he is with the american red cross. >> we haven't had a disaster in a long time. >> i think it is something that doesn't rise to the top.
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>> every family needs disaster supplies that can sustain them for three days. these items include one gallon of drinking water per person, per day. a supply of nonparishable packaged items. enough prescription meds to last you seven days. a first aid kit, and throw in some hand sanitizers just in case. the red cross made this all a lot easier. they feel this run bag with many of the items i just mentioned. >> what do we have here? >> it's radio. it's hand cranked. so you can be informed. it's solar powered. it's a flashlight and right here, you can charge your cell phone. >> now the experts say you need to have three days worth of supplies, just in case of an emergency. lesli, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. now i'm joined by chris. he is with d.c.'s homeland security and emergency
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management agency. it's a bit of a mouthful. but he is here to talk with us about emergency preparedness during this national preparedness month. you are also doing a live web chat. talk to us why it's so important to dedicate an entire month to this issue. >> we are trying to get out to everybody in the community to say, there's a responsibility that the residents have. to make sure they are prepared when things happen. the government is going to do all we can to get out to folks as quickly as we can. if you are prepared, it's that much easier. >> let's talk about the goal for this month and what you're trying to accomplish. you really want all of us to do our part to handle an emergency. >> that's right. we really want folks to make sure they are prepared. they are getting messages from the government. you can get that from our agency on our website. we want to make sure that you are making an emergency kit, that you have things in there, such as water, a little bit of
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food, things that can sustain you. make it for 72 hours after a disaster. >> you also said, be aware of your surroundings. >> that's right. we want folks to make sure they understand what's going on. be informed. know there's weather coming. know there's a potential for something bad to happen so you are prepared for that. >> and if something suspicious is happen, see something, say something montra now. >> a lot of questions from our viewers on our facebook page. let's get to some of them. pamela in silver spring says she has -- needs some suggestions for how to store all the stuff she has in her home and keep it in a tight space. what do you think? >> there are several things you can do. you can get a bag. put it in a place in your house where it's easy for you to get to. a lot of things are flashlights or candles and things like that. we don't recommend candles, but sometimes folks put them in there. maybe a small bin that you can put underneath the couch or
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underneath the bed. >> ernest johnson wants to know about what you do in the event of an emergency and we all know about mass gridlock that was out there on september 11. he wants to know, what is your plan to avoid a recurrence of something like that happening? i'm going to assume that's where you are going to tell us to shelter in place. >> that's part of it. we have done a lot of work with the federal government. there are a will the of federal employees here. as well as commuters coming in. be informed. if you have a plan and you know what's going on with your family, your children, your parents, whatever it may be. if you know what's going on, there's less of a rush for you to leave where you are. you can commute much safer that way. >> we should tell people the first 200 people who submit questions are going to get this free weather radio, which of course is very important, as we all know, when the power is out and you need to know critical information. >> that's right.
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stay informed. >> we'll be checking in with you throughout the show. send it back to you. >> great information. coming up, police question a man accused of going on a deadly shooting spree at a political rally. going on in quebec. also ahead, a tsa agent testing a traveler's drink after going through security. we're going to talk about why. but up next, a change in plans to leave thousands of people without a seat for president obama's acceptance speech at the democratic national convention.
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welcome back to 9news. a steamy september day in the district. >> i would. i would say given the humidity levels, your hair looks marvelous. >> we don't intend to be out here very long. >> maybe we'll keep you out here. >> no, definitely not. not a good look. >> we'll take another live look outside. michael and son live weather cam. we're looking at lots of sunshine, but it's humid. it's a tropical air mass left over isaac. 85 the temperature. you look at that and it's not too bad. dew paint in the mid 70s. that is just uncomfortable. winds out of the south at 10 and the pressure pretty low. 29.79 inches of mercury. all right the radar. we are tracking one storm. we showed you this earlier.
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it's a heavy storm. see the lightning? again, kids are outside playing. they hear thunder, get the kids in. we'll zoom in a little bit. this is a heavy storm southwest of warrenton. it's moving northeast. it's going to cross 28, cros 17 here shortly. and you see the red, that is rain fall about an inch per hour and the yellow is 3/4 of an inch. this has heavy rain and it's few and far between. those storms that develop, because the atmosphere is so juicy, they can have heavy rain. it's moving off to the north and east. it could affect the nats game the next couple of hours. 88 in great falls. 86 in vienna. 86 also in bethesda. again, temperatures don't look that bad, it is some kind of humid. 90 in college park. 87 in bowie. so, still tropical and unsettled. a few storms early tonight. odds are in favor of keeping the nats game dry. even if we were to see a
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shower, it would not be a washout. even hotter tomorrow, delightful. and the morning commute will be dry tomorrow. it's good news. evening commute, perhaps not. early heavy thunderstorm possible, muggy, 68 to 74. and these areas that see the showers and storms could develop dense fog after midnight. by morning, partly sunny, very warm and humid. grab your sunglasses. temperatures in the 70s and 80s with light winds. by afternoon, we're going to add more heat. partly cloudy, hot and humid. scattered storms. those that develop could be heavy. high temperatures around 90 and winds turn southeasterly at 10. so we're going to keep tomorrow code yellow. a few storms, 90. just an isolated storm on friday. it's going to be hot, and back to code yellow on saturday. a good chance of scattered storms as a cold front approaches. not as hot, 87. good news on the seven-day front. we're finally going to clear some stuff out. we're going to be in good shape on sunday. temperatures go back into the
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upper 70s to near 80 and cooler next week. upper 70s monday. upper 70s tuesday. everyone next wednesday, we're back in the low 80s. that will feel comfortable and notice the lows. low 60s. those are downtown temperatures. we're talking mid 50s in the suburbs. sunday night and monday night. so just try to get through these next two, three humid days and a payoff. >> we're good. all right, thanks, top. >> day two is now underway at the democratic national convention down in charlotte, north carolina. and this is a live picture of the convention site. bill clinton will take center stage there tonight. not quite there yet as you can see. the former president hoping to pick up where michelle obama left off last night. democrats stood and cheered as mrs. obama portrayed her husband as someone who knows well the struggles of every day americans because he endured them himself. president obama arrived in charlotte this afternoon. he was supposed to deliver his
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acceptance speech for thursday in front of a stadium crowd of 74,000 people. this morning, convention planners said that speech will have to be moved inside because there is the threat of severe weather. there's not a lot of seats inside and that's not making a lot of people happy. in fact, dozens of folks from prince georges county as well as hundreds of others from our area are in route or already in charlotte. what they were thinking would be a big night for president obama. joining us from charlotte to talk about this issue, county executive, baker. thank you so much for being with us this afternoon. i have to ask you, what are you hearing from your constituents about the stadium back to the arena and how is it impacting them? >> well first of all, the president did a great job last night and really fired up the crowd. clearly the folks who are coming down from prince georges county and maryland were looking forward to spending the evening with president obama. clearly that's not going to
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happen. it's going to move back in the convention. those that were down here will find places to watch it. we're all excited about getting another term for the president. >> anything in the work to make it up to all those folks making this long trip and disappointed? >> certainly we're trying to do our best to find places where people can watch the acceptance speech and be able to go to some of the events after the speech. so we're going to try to make them as comfortable as possible. asking a lot of people to go to the hotels to watch the speech and then come to many of the events afterwards. >> all right. mr. clinton gets on stage tonight. he has to make the case for president obama. the two of them haven't always been the best of friends. what do you expect to hear from him tonight? >> well, i expect to hear a speech about how we keep away president obama, who will continue to improve the county and improve the country and improve the economy. and i think that's what
5:20 pm
president clinton is beginning to do. he's going to once again build on the momentum and energize those of us that make sure we continue to find work that this president is doing. >> you know, times are tough, as we all know. prince georges county, you're kind of counting on the fact you may get gambling to help pump up the county budget and pay for more schools. can you say the people rough prince georges county are better off today than they were four years ago? >> oh yeah, i think we are moving in the right direction. the stimulous money that the president put out there, we take advantage of it. healthcare, which something we care deeply about in the county. and we are starting to see the recovery take place. we continue down this path with the president and the things he is doing and working with him, then yes, we are better off than we were four years ago. >> county executive from prince georges county, we appreciate your time this evening. enjoy the speech tonight and you'll be there, right? >> yes, i will.
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thank you, derek. >> all right, thank you. coming up on 9news, police search for two guys behind a bizarre bank robbery in los angeles. >> but first, nasa and the national cathedral announces plans for a public memorial service for neil armstrong. we'll tell you about the details in a couple of minutes. >> and this is national preparedness month and we have an expert here to answer your questions about getting ready for a major disaster or emergency. join our chat online.
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the public will get a chance to say good-bye to neil armstrong and right here in washington, d.c. a memorial service for the first man to walk on the moon will be next thursday, september 13. it will be at the washington national cathedral and start at 10:00 a.m. and there are a limited number of tickets available to the public and they will be on a first come, first serve basis. that service will also be streamed live on the cathedral and nasa website. armstrong died last month. he was 82 years old and his memorial service will take place 50 years and one day after president kennedy announced the goal of sending a
5:25 pm
man to the moon by the end of the 1960s. a montreal concert hall was supposed to be the scene of a giant celebration, it's now the place of a crime scene. pauline was elected yesterday. body guards ushered her off the stage after the shoot. a 62-year-old man was arrested on the scene. the suspect was over heard shouting in french quote, the english are waking up. when he was taken into custody. the search is on for two gunmen who kidnapped a los angeles bank manager and strapped possible explosives to her stomach. the bank manager says she was kidnapped and held overnight then taken to a bank of america in east l.a. the gunman robbed the banker ordering workers to take money outside for them to take. there's no word on how much they got away with. a bomb squad was brought in to defuse the device. >> the transportation security
5:26 pm
administration is testing drinks bought by travelers after they have been screened at check points and waiting for flights near airport gates. this video shows tsa agents testing drinks in the airport in columbus, ohio. this was taken over the labor day weekend. the agency says the policy of checking drinks near airport gates has been in place for five years now. so this is not new. but the video is generating new criticism that the tsa has gone too far. >> coming up, some tense moments for the pilot of a small plane forced to land on just one wheel. >> i'm suray chin where surae chinn where folks have one goal. >> and you have questions and our expert has answers about emergency preparedness. we have a live online chat going right now and we'll be right back.
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the holly acres mobile home park is on the end, but one year after tropical storm lee, folks don't have a place to call home. >> surae chinn tells us they are getting help and on the fast track to moving in soon. >> the flood water was up there. right here. >> it's a day she will never
5:30 pm
forget. >> i'm nervous. i can't see nothing. >> racing to save something in the rushing flood waters, but just lucky to get out alive. the devastation forced reyes and her children out of their home. they bounce from one place to another for the last year. but the flower she planted after the flood symbolizes how she hasn't lost hope she returned. and today, proves it. volunteers with project mend a house are working under, over, tearing up, pulling apart, and putting back together a new home for reyes and her family. >> it's what we do every day. >> the team is mainly made up of retired folks who love construction work and the results it brings. >> just all smiles and happy and thank you and thank you. >> look -- >> you're working, too. >> reyes' family is one of the lucky ones, where i'm standing flood waters destroyed dozens
5:31 pm
of mobile homes. they had to be demolished, including this one. a few yards back is reyes' family. where one day they'll be able to call that place home for good. >> today, reyes reached a major milestone. county inspectors came by. and gave the thumb's up for the progress so far. >> i'm very, very, very happy. >> every time, mommy, i miss my home. the little baby, every time. >> it's heartwarming, we love it. >> in woodbridge, surae chinn, 9news now. >> project mend a house need volunteers and building materials and the reyes family needs a furnace. it will cost $7,000 to repair each mobile home at holly acres and the only work for families qualified as low income. derek. >> there's some new concerns tonight about an old oil spill. all this in the wake of hurricane isaac. there's word that the oil that might be left over from the bp
5:32 pm
deep water horizons spill washed up on some louisiana beaches. the area affected is the 13- mile stretch of coastline. and fishermen are now being barred from the area. the oil that washed up is in the form of tar. now the state wildlife department is now investigating to see if that oil indeed did come from the bp oil spill from 2010. nine dogs left homeless by hurricane isaac will soon have new homes here in d.c. the dogs, four of them, puppies are expected to arrive at the washington animal league in forth west tomorrow. three of the dogs will require extensive treatment. they are coming in from hancock county, mississippi. severe flooding forced those animals to be placed in temporary shelters. >> all right, it is national preparedness month and the homeland security and emergency management agency director has been chatting with viewers all throughout the newscast. so what are some of the questions that you are getting tonight? >> there's some really good
5:33 pm
questions. folks are asking all sorts of stuff about how to make a kit, what should go in my kit, how do i keep in contact with family members, all great questions. >> and you know, it doesn't take a real huge disaster to cause this kind of problem. we have seen what weather can do. we know about flooding. we know about power outages. this is not something far out in the distance. this is something we dealt with recently. >> absolutely. in the storms we had on the 29th of june, power outage, large power outages per an extended amount of days. it's real important that folks know that this can happen and have themselves prepared. have a plan for their family and what to do and you know, it's that much easier when it does happen. >> you are answering questions live on our web chat and getting questions on our facebook page. one is from cheryl. she wants to know after preparing for human safety, what can we do to prepare our cats, our dogs, our pets for
5:34 pm
any kind of crisis situation? >> those are great questions, too, having a dog myself. when you make your plan for what you're going to do, what you're going to do with your family, include the pet in the plan. as you are putting together your kit for your family, make sure you have enough water to account for your animals as well. you want to make sure you are storing that with your kit as well, and always think about, if you have to leave, you really should take your pet with you and most folks want to. how are you going to do that? can i take the pet on metro? can i find out in your local community what you can do with your pet? >> it's better to know now when you have time to think about it than when you are in a crisis situation. we'll be checking in with you. you still have time to ask chris a question. he'll be answering all hour long and we're going to check in with you a little later. derek and anita. >> thanks, lesli. we have new information tonight on washington hospital plans to move. the maryland healthcare commission is recommending the
5:35 pm
hospital stay put in takoma park. the hospital wants to move from its long time home on carol avenue to the white oaks area of silver spring. the healthcare commission says the hospital failed to show that the plan is financially viable. some trees that could pose a hazard are causing a problem. they are decaying, many have big branches that are hanging over the road. highway officials say cars have hit the trees several times, all five are expected to be removed by the end of the week, weather permitting. >> more than a million dollars of road improvements are in the works for the sandy spring neighborhood. people have been clambering for improvements for years. now the state highway administration says it's going to add a new traffic signal at the intersection. and a portion will be straightened out. >> and if you are looking for
5:36 pm
something fun and entertaining to do this coming weekend, you might want to check out the 9th annual silver spring jazz festival. >> nice. one of this year's headliners, local jazz musician, marcus johnson played during 9news now at noon. and sergio mendez will join him. i will be your master of ceremony. the silver spring jazz festival takes place saturday, september 8. 10:00 to 4:00. actually, it's 4:30 to 10:00 at veteran's plaza in downtown silver spring. it's all free of charge. and mark always jams. it's great to see him out there today. coming up, an elderly driver needs to be rescued after crashing his car into a swimming pool. but up next, a boat hits a large wake on a missouri lake and the dramatic result is caught on tape. >> and don't forget, we are
5:37 pm
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caught on tape, dramatic and graphic video of a boat accident down in missouri.
5:40 pm
seven folks out on the lake just having a nice time on the ozarks when they hit the wake of another boat and everything goes wrong. everybody gets knocked off their feet and tossed around the boat. let's watch in slow motion. they hit the wake and the first fella goes down face first there. then watch the lady in the green bathing suit. she gets washed over. i mean, it's just awful. and believe it or not, folks were really hurt. they had to go to the hospital with broken bones. luckily, none of the injuries life threatening. the aftermath is awful. >> from a boat to a plane that barely landed. one wheel. >> it happened yesterday in idaho. the 57-year-old pilot says moments after he took off, air traffic control radioed him saying buddy, you have lost a tire. it has fallen off. he spent two hours flying back and forth between two airports burning off 200 pounds of fuel before landing the damaged
5:41 pm
aircraft. >> you keep flying the airplane. it flies fine without a wheel on it, and i did the best i could to land it as slow as i could and keep the landing gear off the ground as long as possible. >> he was able to balance the plane for a short distance before nose diving into the runway. he walk ed away without a scratch. a massachusetts man now being call add hero after saving an old guy -- drove into a pool. tom is the guy that went in there and pulled the driver out of his impala. investigators are wondering, how do you do that? the driver did have to go to the hospital. the pool, we don't know about. >> ma water is not looking too good. >> president obama is in charlotte now for the
5:42 pm
democratic national convention. we're going to take you there live. [ telephone rings ] [ female announcer ] every day, there seems to be a new reason not to make a home-cooked meal. work... errands... ♪
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mitt romney's position onpprove women's's dangerous. vo:mitt romney and paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. and allow employers to deny coverage for cancer screenings and birth control. we can't afford to let him take away our choices... to take away basic health care. vo: both backed proposals to outlaw abortions...even in cases of rape and incest. i don't think that women's health issues have faced a crisis like this in decades.
5:45 pm
an interesting comparison of the media and the political conventions out this afternoon. last night, first lady, michelle obama addressed the democratic delegates and tuesday, it was ann romney making the case for her husband to the republican delegates and the rest of the country, of course. check out the ratings compared at least here in our area. ann romney drew a large audience on fox news and very little on cnn or msnbc. comparatively speaking, michelle obama drew large audiences on nbc but little on fox. we hope you are getting your election coverage from us on wusa9 and cbs. joining us now is bob shaefer, the chief correspondent. we love chatting with you and we know you have been hearing about it.
5:46 pm
who was better? michelle or ann romney? >> oh, you know, i thought they were both good in their own way. i thought michelle obama's speech, i have to say, was well crafted. i'm told that she pretty much wrote this speech herself. but i want to throw another speech into the mix. i thought castro, the keynote speaker last night, the young mayor of san antonio, he made what i thought was a real barn burner of a speech. an old fashion political speech. like we used to hear, in the days before television when politicians had to entertain the audience as well as make their point. so i think the three speeches and i would rate them in no particular order, that have been outstanding have been michelle obama, castro, and also ann romney. i thought hers clearly was the speech of that convention. i don't know if you have seen
5:47 pm
it, though, derek. the thing people seem to be remembering according to the poll out today is not any of those speeches, but the speech made by, you got it, clint eastwood. >> that does not surprise me. we have to move on to talk about today. bill clinton will be on the big stage tonight. do you expect to hear red meat or meat of another color? >> oh, i think you are going to be bill clinton being bill clinton, and expectations are high. he always makes a good speech. we were kidding some of the obama people today, have you vetted the speech, thinking about clint eastwood. i said we've heard about it and said you know, think about how bill clinton writes his speech. it goes right up until the last minute. you'll remember this, derek, the year he was making that state of the union speech when he was president and they were so late getting it done.
5:48 pm
that george was his press secretary and he loaded it into the tell prompter backwards. so it goes right down to the wire with bill clinton. i doubt anyone will have seen the whole thing before he delivers it. but my guess is, this crowd is going to really love it. >> just get nervous if he grabs a chair on his way out. will be the only thing. >> bob shaefer, thank you very much for joining us, we appreciate it. >> all right, thanks, derek. >> it's hot in there and it's hot here. >> weather has an effect. and it is pretty miserable outside. we haven't had too many super humid days, but we have one today. we're going to have one tomorrow, too. the tropical air mass will continue through the week. let's start with a live look outside. this is the live michael and son weather cam. temperature wise okay, not bad. dew points in the mid 70s. look at the humidity. almost 70%. that's really high for this time of day because this time of day, generally, you're going
5:49 pm
to have your biggest difference between the temperature and dew point. and that makes it more comfortable. pretty close span right now. pressure steady, 29.79. winds out of the south at 10. here's a look at the radar. you see this one storm. good lightning with this storm, too. it's south of warrenton. we'll zoom in and this has rain. see the red? that's rain fall of an inch per hour. this has not moved very far, very fast. this is hammering southern fauquier county to the south of warrenton. it's headed toward 28 and headed toward manassas. now let me show you our other radar. we'll zoom into this storm and you see the reds and the yellows here. that is rain fall rates of an inch per hour. headed toward midland and straddling 29 right now. let's widen out and put this into motion and show you where it's going to go in the next hour or so. some good news. not so much good news for our friends down in fauquier county. hasn't moved very far, very
5:50 pm
fast. notice it doesn't head northeastward up towards nats park. that is good. right now, the only storm we are tracking in the immediate metro area. it is heavy. it will produce heavy rains. right now, looks like it may stay to the south of the park. currently, 85 in bethesda. 85 vienna. 84 in fairfax. 89 in college park. so, an early isolated storm tonight and the next three days, code yellow tomorrow. 90. and an isolated storm on friday. just isolated. 91. good chance for storms on saturday. the cold front approaches. temperatures go back into the upper 80s. this is good news. we cleaned out the seven-day big time. near 80 on sunday with sunshine. sunshine monday, tuesday, wednesday. upper 70s monday and tuesday. low 80s on wednesday. that is a pretty good finish to the weekend. >> all right, topper. we're looking forward to it. >> i cleaned it up for you. >> thank you very much. >> concussions and other head injuries are of critical
5:51 pm
condition. we have been talking about it a lot. the nfl announced a financial contribution to address the problem. the league pledged $30 million to the national institutes of health funding research related to brain function and injury. this includes concussion management and treatment and the relationship between brain injuries and later in life disorders, especially alzheimer's disease. >> just in time for tonight's kickoff for the new nfl season, more support for previous science that shows profootball players are at a higher risk of dying from brain disorders. a study in the journal of neurology included 1,000 proathletes who played for five years or more. >> three times the risk of dying from these causes than you would expect from the general population. in particular, als and alzheimer's were more than three times the risk of the general population. >> wow. now some former nfl players accuse the league of hiding
5:52 pm
information about brain injury risks. the nfl says it is taking significant steps to protect its players. the redskins are getting ready for the season opener in new orleans. >> that's right, rg3 makes his nfl regular season debut on sunday. do not call my house. meantime, dave owens is live at redskins park with the latest and he better not call me either. dave. >> derek mcginty, 202-487- redskins fans have been waiting for people like me to say the following words. it is regular season game week and of course as you see, all eyes on us. this is a dream come true, starting your first game as an nfl quarterback and we all know that's what rg3 is about to do. all preseason long, he has down played his first rookie camp, first preseason game. this one, however, is different and he admits that. >> i do feel different. i feel like the guys are, you
5:53 pm
know, it's real. i think it's not that guys weren't out here working hard or anything like that. i think everyone is working, knowing that stuff counts. >> all right, i'm joined by grant paulson from 106.7 the fan. we had a chance to talk to rg3 today. if temperment means anything, this guy looks cool, calm, collected. that was my assessment, what was yours? >> i completely agree with you. i don't know if he'll ever be at a podium. he's not wired that way. sunday is going to be different. any time we're seeing someone do something for the first time ever, there are some things that you don't know what to expect. he's the first quarterback in washington. a rookie to start in week one in 51 years. >> what's the realistic expectation for sunday, where it can be tough to play? >> i think he should have a strong game. i say that because new orleans defensively is just okay. their offense is going to score
5:54 pm
plenty of points. we found out today the redskins without brandon mayweather, they will get a ton of yards. the redskins should be able to keep pace in some regard. it will be a tough football game, but there will be some plays to be made. >> and he'll have to step up. grant paulson, a pleasure to catch up with you. we'll talk more about brandon mayweather who is out two to three weeks with an injured knee. >> i am predicting the upset. >> all right, thanks a lot, dave. still ahead, fireworks as a metropolitan air force authority tries to address its image problem. >> and later on, a family says it was denied boarding on an airplane because of his son's condition. i'll tell you about it. >> we have time to join our live online chat. learn all you need to know to prepare and stay safe in the event of an emergency in our region. that's next.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
september is national preparedness month and chris has been with us since 5:00 taking your questions on this live web chat. he's with d.c.'s homeland security and emergency management agency. it certainly is a mouthful. but you do a whole lot to try to keep residents in the city safe. you have gotten a will lot of great questions about ways that
5:58 pm
people can stay safe. what you really want people to know is, you have to take some ownership. >> it's important to know that the government is going to do everything we can. ate general si will do all we can for them, but you have to be prepared. if you're prepared, then we can help out your neighbor that may not have been prepared. >> let's talk about steps you can take to be prepared. we're talking about the family now. >> things, you want to make sure you are teaching your children how to be prepared also. so how to dial 911. how to make calls to folks that you need to that are in your plans, and long distance. >> programming those emergency numbers into your phone so you have them. >> that's right. very important. that's the easiest thing to do. in any kind of emergency, you never know what's happening, you hit a button and you have it. >> pick two locations to reunit? >> at least two locations. every family should have a plan. you never know when something is going to happen. it could be when the kids are on their way home from school.
5:59 pm
it could be when you are on your way home from work. always have a plan for, okay, if i am still at work and the children are released from school, where are they going to go? have a plan. >> chris, thank you so much for spending the hour with us. we know our viewers are more informed now thanks to your information. we appreciate it. and you can check out the national emergency preparedness website. we have a link to it on ours. >> this is 9news now. >> only on 9 tonight, a suspected dog fighting ring run out of an alexandria home. our andrea mccarren was on the scene as police collected evidence and seized animals from that house. she joins us now live. some of that evidence pretty disturbing stuff, huh andrea? >> very disturbing. anita, the people who live in this neighborhood say they have long complained about barking dogs in the middle of the night and dozens of cars outside this


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